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CCTNS Project was launched on 25 December 2012 as a Pilot Project in Kamrup district along with Guwahati City. Each and every Police Station is connected with Data Center set up at Amtron, Guwahati and working on the CAS (Core Application Software) provided by NCRB.


is an Indian legislation passed by the Lok Sabha on 19 March 2013, and by the Rajya Sabha on 21 March 2013, which provides for amendment of Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, and Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 on laws related to sexual offences ...


In a major relief for the government, the Supreme Court today stayed the Gauhati High Court's unprecedented order declaring the Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI as "unconstitutional" which didn't have the power to investigate crimes.

Message from the Superintendent of Police, Kamrup

imageKamrup is one of the oldest districts in Assam with a glorious history of five thousand years sine the prehistoric era. It is a unique administrative unit with its jurisdiction on both the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra. The area of the district also encompasses few river islands nestled in the Brahmaputra. The vastness of the district and its proximity with the capital city of Guwahati on one hand and its contiguity with the interstate borders with Meghalaya on the other coupled with the socio-cultural diversity of its demography make modern policing in the district a challenging and arduous task. We recognize that with changing times, particularly with rapid industrialization and urbanization of the area, there have been major changes in the kind of economic activities performed in the district. Consequently, the nature and complexities of the crimes committed have also been changing. We as the police force have remained and will always remain strongly committed to our primary responsibility of protecting the life and property of the residents of the district. We, however, sincerely feel the need to have continuous communication and and cooperation between the police and the civil society. The interface between the police and the civil society is extremely significant for building a strong and responsive administrative structure. Let us, therefore, join our hands and work together to make Kamrup a safer place.


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